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AAt Care About You, our care management services are designed to support individuals through a team-based, person-centred approach, helping them effectively manage their care and medical conditions while taking control of their needs. We understand that care and support needs can vary throughout the day and over time, so we offer tailored care support at home, starting from as little as 60-minute support visits to long-term care for higher levels of assistance. Your individual support plan is developed around your specific needs and preferences, allowing you to decide the frequency and duration of support visits to meet your needs.


Our holistic approach to care management involves several steps and activities. We begin with an initial assessment of your needs, carried out in collaboration. Your support plan is then developed and introduced to your care support workers. This plan is always kept in your home, recording daily care events to ensure efficient care management. Our care management team is readily available to address concerns about your health or well-being, working closely with you or your next of kin when necessary.

To ensure a good match between carers and your needs, your care supervisor will introduce your carers to you. Additional training is provided to the carers, ensuring they are familiar with all aspects of your care plan through appropriate shadowing based on your specific requirements. We actively manage your service, including monitoring carer attendance, developing backup plans, conducting carer assessments and reviews, and seeking your feedback on the quality of care provided to ensure it aligns with your evolving needs.


In addition, we offer various aspects of service provision, such as a 24/7 emergency support service, an escalation support process, and a straightforward procedure for making complaints, with a copy of the relevant policy included in your personal care support plan folder. Our comprehensive care management services aim to meet your needs and requirements, promoting your well-being and ensuring you receive high-quality care that evolves with changing circumstances.

What is care management?

Care management is a comprehensive set of services and activities that help service users through a team-based, person-centred approach “designed to assist individuals and their support systems and care support staff to manage their care or medical conditions more effectively and to help service users take more control over their needs.” It also encompasses those care coordination activities required to help manage each service user's needs.

How do our individual care management plans work?

Care About You offers individuals tailored care management at home. We are mindful that you may have many different care and support needs, and the amount of care and support required can and does vary over the day and over time. We offer support visits from as little as 60 minutes to longer-term care when a higher level of assistance may be required. The individual support plan will be designed around your specific needs and requirements, and you can decide how often and for how long the calls are necessary to ensure that your needs are met.

How do we manage your care management plans?

Care About You has a holistic approach to meeting your needs and requirements. The steps and activities involved in developing your care management plan include:

1. An Initial assessment of your needs is carried out and agreed with you.


2. Your Support plan will be developed, and you will be introduced to your care support workers. · Your support plan will be kept in your home at all times.

  • Your individualised support plan folder will record your daily care events onto your care record as part of your day-to-day care management.

  • Where a care team member is concerned about your health or wellbeing, they will report this to the care management team, who will manage the problem directly with you or your next of kin where appropriate.

  • Your care supervisor will introduce your carers to you to help ensure a good matching of carers to your needs.

  • Your carers will be provided additional training to meet your needs and will be made familiar with all aspects of your care plan – with appropriate shadowing based on client and carer needs.


3. The service provided to you will be actively managed and will include the following: · Monitoring Of Carer Attendance · Development Of Service Back Up Plans

  • Carer Assessment And Reviews

  • Service User Feedback On Quality Of Care Being Provided And Whether The Care Provided Continues To Match Your Needs.


4. Other aspects of service provision will be discussed with you and include information on items such as:

  • Our 24/7 Emergency Support Service

  • Your Escalation Support Process

  • How To Make Complaints – A copy of The Relevant Policy Will Be Left In Your Personal Care Support Plan Folder.

Care About You
  • What is the catchment of our person-centred care services?
    At Care About You, we offer clients person-centred care services in Clare, Limerick, North Tipperary, Laois, Longford, Louth, Meath, Offaly, Westmeath, Galway, Mayo, Sligo, Roscommon, Cork and Kerry.
  • Do you have the same caregiver for all person-centred care services?
    At Care About You, we aim to provide consistent support from one or two care support worker depending on your needs and call schedule. One of the management team will contact you if it is necessary to introduce a new support worker to cover illness or annual leave. The new support worker will be fully trained and shadowed by an existing support worker.
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